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Tasting notes: Almond, Cherries, Chocolate - 8 OZ WHOLE BEAN COFFEE

Elevation: 1750 meters 

Variety: Caturra (30%), Mundo Novo (10%), Typica and Bourbon (60%)

Process: Fully Washed

About Mexico Red 5 Diciembre Organic

While often overlooked by their neighbors to the north, Mexico is the world’s 7th largest coffee producer and the largest exporter of organic coffees. The coffee was grown as a part of the Red 5 De Diciembre, a cooperative in the La Cañada region. Broken into 13 first-level organizations, Red 5 De Diciembre represents more than 1300 indigenous producers, most of whom are growing some of the oldest varieties in Mexico. They’ve worked closely with these smallholder producers to improve quality and agricultural practices, and over the last several years, they’ve seen substantial growth in both membership and high-quality lots. 2020 marks the first year the cooperative has sold directly to the American market, and the result has been increased premiums paid to farmers. We are proud to support the co-op in their mission help produce some of the very best coffee in the region while supporting the farming community.